1. Don't Explain

DON'T EXPLAIN - written by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog and first recorded in 1944. This was Holiday's final song.

Kai Brant - Vocals |Tom Ranier - Piano |Chuck Berghofer - Bass |Peter Erskine - Drums
Recorded in Los Angeles, California (2020)


Hush now, don't explain
I know you ain't staying
I'm glad you're back
Don't explain

Quiet, don't explain
You're my joy and pain
Skip it, lipstick
Don't explain

You know I love you
And what love endures
All my thoughts are of you
I'm so completely yours

Cry to hear folks chatter
And I know you cheat
But a wrong don't matter
When you're with me, sweet

Hush now, don't explain
You're my joy and pain
My life's yours, love
Don't explain